Menswear | August 26, 2020 11:13 am

Deal: Steve McQueen-Approved Baracuta Jackets Are Up to 40% Off

The fall layer favored by James Dean, Daniel Craig, even Frank Sinatra

Baracuta G9 men's jackets in natural, navy and yellow
Many companies make Harrington jackets, but Baracuta is the one to own.

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It’s hard to find an item of clothing that’s simultaneously as iconic and underappreciated as the Baracuta G9 jacket. The transitional layer with the instantly recognizable Fraser Tartan lining has been worn by everyone from Steve McQueen to Daniel Craig to Frank Sinatra, and other Harrington-style jackets are even more common (James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, anyone?). 

If you’re tired of trends and want to add more everlasting pieces to your wardrobe, Baracuta is throwing a sale where over 20 versions of their G9 jacket are discounted up to 40 percent off. And if you are looking for something of the moment, they’ve got plenty of unorthodox colors that’ll kick the normal blacks, greys and tans in the pants. 

For the adventurous, the rust color pairs an orange exterior with the red and green tartan lining for a color clash worthy of a big Fit with a capital “F.” The yellow option has a similar feel, but with a splash of Gene Kelly. If you’re more interested in an under-the-radar look, with a G9 that you could dress up, the light natural edition, the faded black and the dark navy are all classically styled.