Jomers Made the Shirt of the Summer, And It’s Just $32

Bold, floral prints that’ll get you noticed (in the right way)

By Kirk Miller / June 6, 2019 10:46 am

Should you rock floral shirts and bold patterns this summer?

We’ve answered this before (the answer is yes. And yes.) Done right, you can pair something a little flashier with shorts, chinos, jeans or even a suit. It’s summer!

But if you’re still worried wearing something loud and not wasting too much money, start with one of these sunny short-sleeves from Jomers.


Remember, Jomers is the menswear brand that does high-end style for H&M prices. Their new floral short sleeves are all made with premium lightweight cotton sourced from Italy — the exact same fabrics you’d find in a shirt by, say, Bonobos. All the prints are exclusive to Jomers and made in limited batches, another part of the brand’s M.O.

As is the price range: These slim-fit button-downs are just $30-$32.

Being bold doesn’t have to extend to your wallet.

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