Los Angeles | March 18, 2014 9:00 am

Car Couture

Excuse us, Mr. Ace Hood, esteemed rapper of Florida, but you can go straight to hell.

“I woke up in a new Bugatti” is stuck in our heads and we can’t get it out, because of this:

The Art of Bugatti, a high-octane exhibit of the fanciest hand-welded automobiles gracing God’s great blacktop, showing this Saturday at the Mullin Automotive Museum.

These are the cars of the 1%.

The show comes compliments of classic car collector Peter Mullin, and will feature 100 pieces of Bugatti-wrought objets d’art (including furniture made by Ettore Bugatti’s dad, Carlo).

On display: the Type 35 (winner of the 1926 Grand Prix World Championship), the incomparable 41 Royale and the current titleholder of world’s fastest production car, the Veyron.

Here’s a primer of what you’ll see on display.

To go in person, you’ll need to schedule a private visit. Mullin’s operation, housed in Otis Chandler’s erstwhile estate, is by-appointment-only.

‘Cause like Mr. Hood says, only the real get a piece of the plate.

Nota Bene: When you go, we suggest dining at Tierra Sur, the swanky Italian bistro in Herzog Wine Cellar. It’s exceptional and close to the museum.