The Five Essential Jackets for a California Winter

Hallelujah, there’s snow on the San Gabriels.

Which means a couple things:

A) It’s officially winter; and B) You need to add a few layers to your jacket closet.

So we picked out the five essential California styles, and then identified three sterling examples of each to suit every body type and price point.

No parkas or peacoats: just a few numbers that can stand up to a desert breeze, and handsomely.

The Waxed Canvas

The waxed canvas jacket should be your winter go-to in lieu of a denim jacket. The waxy shell can handle sea breezes and precipitation, while the wool lining can battle the chill of any winds passing through.  

Freenote Cloth RJ2 ($400); Rogue Territory Supply Jacket ($385); Bridge and Burn Tamarak Jacket ($258)

The Leather

The leather jacket is the L.A. man’s blazer. Pick a good one and you’ll have it for many years. Pick a great one, and so will your son. There are three styles to know: the racer, the pilot’s jacket and the motorcycle jacket. Pick the one that suits your vibe and wear it often.

Schott Cowhide Cafe Racer ($785); Levis Made and Crafted Pilots Jacket ($998); RRL Co Calfskin Jacket ($1,079)

The Field Jacket

The field jacket is your everyday jacket. They’re designed after military-issue garb, and classic American editions like the one Filson and Orvis make are great for hunting. But this isn’t Wyoming and you’re not Sheriff Longmire, so let’s go slimmer and opt for non-traditional fabrics, like a selvedge denim number from Apolis or the polyfiber blends favored by Aether and Outerknown.

Outerknown Nomadic Parka ($195); Apolis Selvedge Denim Chore Jacket ($228); Aether Northerner Jacket ($395)

The Deconstructed Blazer

Traditional structured blazers can come across a bit stodgy in this town. A nice deconstructed blazer, on the other hand, churches up your look without going full-blown professor. Reach for wool and leave a little bit of room. You don’t want to start sweating.

The Lost Explorer ($450); Blue Blue Japan ($660); Presidents ($792)

The Quilted Shell Jacket

When it comes to style, winter is more or less about two things: layering and texture. Grab yourself a quilted shell and you’ll have both. Meant to be worn on its own on brisk days, under a deconstructed blazer or under a heavier coat  if you’re in the mountains, the quilted shell jacket is a versatile piece of outerwear that bridges the gap between fashion and function.

Apolis Transit Issue Quilted CPO Jacket ($248); Nau Intersect Utility Down Sweater ($265); The Hill-Side Quilted Ueno Jacket ($398)