Home & Design | October 19, 2016 9:00 am

This Literal Thunderdome Ain’t Afraid of Any Stinkin’ Hurricanes

Best way to weatherproof your home? Replace it with this.

Can your house withstand winds up to 198 mph? Can your year-round garden shed hold strong in an 8.5-magnitude earthquake? Can your roof bear 20 tons of per point of structure?

Probably not.

But this awesome bubble can.

The geodesic dome from Biodome Systems has a natural resistance to the elements thanks to its omni-triangulated surface. Translation: when you build a sphere out of interlocking triangles (yes, like the ones you see on playgrounds), payload is dispersed so evenly throughout the structure that gale-force winds and medium-grade tremors don’t phase it.

And not only can it withstand harsh environments, it also has a slew of environmental benefits. The spherical design makes for super efficient and effective air circulation year-round, and with a lower surface area compared to the common home, the domes are less affected by temperature change, making heating and cooling (see: power usage) less necessary. Additionally, the dome benefits from added natural light hours, upping the solar gain, and comes with magnetic shades to reduce thermal intake in the summer.

The unit is produced  in 20 varying models, and each can be customized to suit an owner’s needs. They comes with a metal frame, stone walls and small grass steps, and while installation is currently restricted to Europe, it’s not out of the question to drop them a line if you’re in the States. 

Use it as a greenhouse, an eco-home, a voyeuristic art project or an indoor pool.

Then lean back and waggle your middle finger — little or proverbial — at any ensuing 100 mph winds.

via Inhabitat