Somewhere along the way, you found the one comfy T-shirt you’d wear for the rest of your life.

The discovery probably involved a measure of serendipity.

Turning that kind of wardrobe magic into hard science: Zozo.

A tech-forward Japanese brand that promises custom-fit basics for under $100, Zozo’s sizing recipe is a free (albeit rather ridiculous) body suit that captures your unique shape and specifications.

Launched this month in the U.S. and 72 countries, Zozo (from Start Today, Japan’s largest e-commerce fashion label) offers an array of slim, tapered jeans, crew-neck tees and soft button-ups for men.

To achieve your perfect fit, you’ll be sent a “Zozosuit,” a piece of proprietary body-measurement garb seven years in the making that definitely makes you look, Andy Serkis-style, like you’re doing motion capture for Lord of the Rings. But it captures your precise measurements, and works in tandem with your smartphone to create a 3D rendering of your body in just a few minutes.


From there, your Zozo clothing is adapted to your body’s unique fit … as well as your personal preferences, down to button size, stitch of the hem, collar shape and sleeve length. All for $20-$68 per piece. Bonus: As of press time, the brand was giving away free jeans and tees to 100,000 customers through the end of the month.


While we haven’t received our tee or pants yet, we were able to try on the Zozosuit before this week’s launch and go through the sizing process. (We’ll have an update when we finally get to try the outfits.)

Not into the suit? A few other style brands changing the sizing game:

MTailor: Get custom-fit dress shirts and suits with just a quick scan from your smartphone and an app. We tried it at launch and it worked beautifully.

Stantt: Take three simple measurements (chest, waist, sleeve) for your shirts. They’ll fit into one of their 99 (!) unique sizes.

Asket: An innovative Swedish brand that makes tees, chinos and linen tees uniquely shaped to every wearer’s body type, with 15 sizes per garment.

Son of a Tailor: Craft your tee like a tailored suit. Customizable from sleeves to neckline. You can even use your own favorite tee for a sizing guideline.