Gear | August 6, 2020 11:08 am

YETI Just Released a New Desert-Appropriate Colorway

Get the subtle Sagebrush Green on YETI's hard and soft colors

YETI Just Released a New Desert-Appropriate Colorway

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You can now cop one of YETI’s highly-coveted insulated hard and soft colors in the subtle, desert-approved color Sagebrush Green. The color is inspired by the “subtle, tucked away tones found in the rugged desert landscapes of the West,” and the Nevada Cowboys who spend most of their time braving the sagebrush and desert, gathering cattle in preparation for branding season.

The color exemplifies tough, rugged work, so it only makes sense to slap it onto one of YETI’s hardworking, incredibly durable coolers. And while the color certainly has a ton of grit, the subtle, serene green shade adds another layer of relaxation to your well-deserved end-of-day beverage.