Gear | November 11, 2020 10:33 am

Deal: One of Our Favorite Pairs of Running Socks Is 25% Off

It doesn't get much better than SmartWool's PhD Low Cut Socks

smartwool running socks

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You can spend well over $100 on running shoes in pursuit of a smoother, more supportive ride, but that goes straight out the window if you pair them with lousy socks. A good pair of breathable socks, with cushioning in the right places (the ball and heel), will anchor your feet in the shoes, and allow them to do their job.

To that end, one of the best candidates out there is SmartWool’s PhD Run Light Elite, a low-cut sock that is currently 25% off at Moosejaw. SmartWool isn’t just fluffy campfire socks anymore; the Colorado brand has spent years investing in performance tech, and design its socks with an assist from ultrarunners who log 100 miles at a time across punishing terrain. If these socks hold up high up in the Rockies, they’ll keep you comfortable and blister free on your three-mile loop around town.

Find the socks here, in four different colors.

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