Is Oru Kayak’s Inlet the Most Portable Kayak Ever?

The latest and greatest origami boat is funding on Kickstarter

Oru Kayak Inlet Origami Boat
It's a bird, it's a crane — no! It's Oru Kayak's Inlet, the company's most portable origami boat!
Oru Kayak
By Alex Lauer / August 14, 2019 1:30 pm

The phrase “origami kayak” doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence at first glance. (You’re probably picturing some flimsy paper boat not meant for human transportation.) But after Oru Kayak invented the concept a few years back, they’ve been gaining a loyal fanbase for their one-of-a-kind crafts that have “the strength and performance of a hardshell boat, the portability of a suitcase, and a mind-blowingly cool way to transform between the two.”

We’ve been fans for years. Back in 2017, we even sent a writer down the Devils River in Oru Kayaks’ Beach LT model. But while the company’s mission has always been one of accessibility and affordability, they’ve still been dealing in a semi-niche product that’s over $1,000. In other words, it’s a hard sell for people who don’t consider themselves outdoorsy or think they don’t have easy access to the outdoors.

That all changes with the Inlet, Oru Kayak’s latest model currently funding on Kickstarter. Not only is it the brand’s lightest boat yet at just 20 pounds, and the most compact yet (about the size of a guitar case and able to be worn on your back), it’s also by far the cheapest. The MSRP is just $899, but until October 11th on Kickstarter you can get one for just $749 (or $829 with a paddle). 

Never seen Oru Kayak’s origami magic before? Watch it in the video below:

While normal Kickstarter caveats apply, Oru has a strong track record both in the crowdfunding space and in the traditional online retail space. Also, if you fund the campaign, the estimated delivery for your new kayak-in-a-box is May 2020 — just in time to strap your boat on your back, grab a Lime scooter and zip down to your river of choice next summer.

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