Gear | June 9, 2016 9:00 am

Is a Pool Party Without a Floating Disco Ball Speaker Even a Pool Party?

Don’t bring a bottle of whiskey. Bring this.

Three simple ingredients will instantly turn any summer shindig up to 11:

  1. Good tunes
  2. Things that float
  3. And a disco ball

The OMO+ from Human Technology Products provides all three … at the same time.

The Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker system has a lightweight frame that colorfully lights up like Saturday Night Fever to the beat of the music it’s playing via a connected smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Constructed from polymer and built to be impact resistant, the waterproof OMO+ has four speakers and a pair of subwoofers that pump out 40 watts of total output, a pair of USB charging points, and a battery that gives it more than eight hours of juice.

The OMO+ retails for $200, but we got you a special offer code (“indulge161”) that’ll knock off $80 at checkout. (If you wanna double down, use “indulge162” to secure a pair for $240.)

Once you get yours, complete this checklist to ensure pool-party-hosting glory.