Gear | May 18, 2015 9:00 am

This Is Your Summer Drone

Lily: Goes where you wanna go.

By The Editors

There are active men.

Kite surfers. Spartan Racers. Guys who can drink beer and operate an inner tube at the same time.

Then there are active men who can prove it. With photo/videographic evidence.

How to be the latter, no selfie stick required: Lily, a palm-sized camera drone that follows your every move, now available for preorder.

Lily follows a disc-shaped tracking device that you can either wear on your wrist (yes, like Maxwell Smart) or slip into your pocket.

Just throw her in the air and you’re up and running. Literally.

Lily flies herself, so you can focus more on being awesome than, well, trying to film yourself being awesome.

She’s also waterproof, so feel free to hit the waves.

Lily’s got your back — and front. She can be set into three different modes: Follow, Lead or Loop (which circles around you).

And the results? Crystal-clear 1080p video and up to 120 slow-mo-friendly frames per second.

Preorder now, before they double the prices.

Lily’s waiting. Lily’s watching.

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