Gear | January 13, 2022 11:23 am

Review: Keen’s Hybrid Slip-On Adventure Shoe Is Casual Footwear Perfection

Lightweight, durable and engineered for maximum comfort, yet perfectly styled for lounging, camping and travel.

The Keen Howser III Slip-On is a perfect slipper shoe for lounging, camping and travel
Drop into the Keen Howser III Slip-On

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Once again, we find ourselves in the midst of a Covid surge and as a result, we’re falling back on self-care strategies that have come to define our lives amidst this ongoing pandemic. Some of us are finding comfort in a stiff drink, others are gaming online for hours, but I’ve found comfort over the past two years in my clothing.

I started by replacing stiff, formal fabrics with softer alternatives such as fleece and cotton. Jeans were then retired for sweats and athleisure. But, most recently, I’ve adopted slip-on footwear that’s far more inviting than traditional lace-up shoes. And the slip-ons I’m currently wearing (even as I write this), the Keen Howser III Slides, are the epitome of comfort.

Upon first glance, Keen’s third iteration of the Howser slide looks like a traditional slipper. It’s plush on the inside thanks to a cozy fleece lining and easy to tighten via quick-cinch bungee. But underneath, this slipper (if you can really call it that) features a durable, high-traction rubber outsole that’s solid and supportive. And while most slippers fit in the same vague, formless manner, Keen’s creation does well to retain its shape around your foot. The Oregon brand even built it with recycled PET plastic, so your carbon footprint is quite possibly as small as your foot.

The Keen Howser III Hybrid Slides are the perfect slippers for winter and working from home
Step inside Keen’s Howser III Hybrid Slides

After wearing a pair of Howsers over the holidays, it’s clear that Keen is onto something. What began as a pair of slides dedicated for the home became a pair of go-to, go-anywhere shoes that I wore when walking the dog, shoveling the driveway and after a day of skiing. My relatives asked to wear them repeatedly, abandoning their elaborate boots for slip-on simplicity. I even picked up a second pair for a friend that’s always wearing raggedy slippers.

But the holidays are over and I’m back in New York City. The latest forecast is calling for snow which always adds a note of tension to life as metropolitans brace for the impending insanity. And despite the fact that I’m now transitioning between my tiny apartment, the corner store and (infrequently) the office, the Keen Howser III Slide is still on my feet.

When the pandemic truly ends, many of our once-preferred coping strategies will fade with the memories of all this madness. But rest assured, these hybrid slip-ons will remain on my feet for time to come.