Gear | November 2, 2017 9:00 am

5 Devastatingly Handsome Speakers You Can Hide in Plain Sight

Dude, why is your end table talking to me?

While there are some exceptions, quality speakers these days are made to be heard and not seen.

This hasn’t always been the case. Think about your grandparents’ classic all-in-one record player console: it was probably also the centerpiece of their living room.

But the truth is that modern technologies like Bluetooth and wifi have cut down the number of components we need to bring the noise — as well as the number of insightly wires you can trip over.

With that in mind, here are five examples of high-quality hi-fi systems that will seamlessly blend into your room of choice.

Listen up.

Model: Mellow
Maker: Creatio Design
Money: $319

A Bluetooth-enabled end table that also happens to play music and charge your devices, the Mellow works off of a rechargeable battery that packs seven hours of juice.

Model: Baggen, Stammen (pictured)
Maker: Urbanears
Money: From $350, $250

About as minimalist as you can get, the Baggen has enough punch to fill your living room, while the smaller Stammen’s ideal habitat is a bedroom. Pair multiple speakers for power.

Model: M.1 BlackxBlack
Maker: JLA
Money: $995

A wifi-enabled end table that can automatically detect when music is being played from iTunes, Spotify or Pandora, the M.1 is outfitted with a 100-watt speaker as well as a woofer and tweeter.

Model: Stereo Console
Maker: Symbol
Money: $4,195

Handcrafted from wood with love in the Hudson Valley, this console can work with nearly any audio source and easily switches between connected devices at the push of a button.

Model: BeoSound Shape
Maker: Bang & Olufsen
Money: $4,250

A sound system that doubles as artistic wall tiling, the eight-piece BeoSound Shape is made up of speakers, amplifiers or acoustic dampers depending on how you customize it. Hang with care.