Gear | June 24, 2016 9:00 am

BioLite’s New Pizza Dome Will Make You a Cookout Legend

Just when you thought the best camp stove couldn’t get better

The American wilderness is filled with stories of extraordinary heroes.

And if you soon hear whispers of intrepid men who reckoned to bring pizzeria-quality pies to the wild and bravely succeeded, recognize that such a feat is in fact no tall tale, but as real as the wilds themselves.

Recognize BioLite’s new PizzaDome.

You know BioLite. They’re the company that brought you the camp cook stove and iPhone charger that works by burning wood.

The PizzaDome is essentially an add-on to their modular BaseCamp cook-and-charge system — a ceramic stone dome that comes with an integrated thermometer so you can fire up crispy pizzas, flatbreads or whatever crusty favorites you crave in the backwoods of ‘Merica.

The BioLite PizzaDome is available right now, and with camping season in full swing, we suggest you pick one up and cook up a few stories of your own.