Gear | October 25, 2017 9:00 am

A Campsite Easy Chair, Because No One Can Tell You Where to Relax

Look at the stars, look how I recline for you ... '

Few camping chairs do all the things.

Found a comfy one? Yeah, but it’s about as portable as a convention-goer’s marketing display. Found one that fits in your pack? Try eating a meal or sitting for more than hour in it.

With the Stargaze Recliner, gear-maker Nemo just raised the bar quite literally: the hammock-like design suspends the chair so it can rock and recline. Like most Nemo chairs, the Stargaze folds up small enough to fit in a day pack.

It takes three steps to assemble, but once it is you can rock, lean back, put your feet up and even lean forward to eat without having to perform a balancing act. The aircraft grade aluminum can handle 300 pounds and any surface, and since it’s stitched with monofilament (think fishing line) it never gets mildewy or funky.

There’s a tall-boy-sized cup holder on the left, a slot for your devices or a book on your right, and a sky full of stars that beg your attention.

Rock on.