Gear | October 25, 2017 9:00 am

Amazon Now Offers In-Home Delivery If You Give Them a Key

Or buy a lock from them, as it were

Hey, we warned you Amazon wanted (more) access to your home.

And now it’s official. Jeff Bezos’s shopping behemoth just announced Amazon Key, a new service for Prime members that allows for in-home delivery … even if you’re not at home.

Available in 37 cities starting November 8th, Key is a no-cost delivery option that simply requires Prime shoppers to select “in-home” when ordering. From there, your packages will be tracked (via your Amazon app) and you can allow delivery people entry to your house and watch your stuff being delivered live — or watch a video after the fact.

So, yes, you’ll need a camera. Conveniently, Amazon’s setup ($250) requires an In-Home Kit, featuring an Amazon Cloud Cam and a smart lock (the driver will contact you to both unlock and relock the door). One bright point is the service allows you to utilize the smart lock technology beyond deliveries, so you’ll be able to grant or deny access to guests and family at your whim.

As well, Key also allows service partners like Merry Maids and Rover (as well as Amazon Home Services) the same potential access when you’re not around.

Bad news? Your other security systems will have to be shut off. As the Amazon Key site notes: “On the day of delivery, you will need to disarm your home security alarm. We do not recommend using in-home delivery if you are not comfortable disarming your security system on delivery day.”

Worth it? If you get a lot of deliveries from Amazon, are rarely home and wanted to get a smart lock anyway, this might be useful … if you’re comfortable with all the caveats listed above.