Highland Park Viking
By Kirk Miller / August 15, 2018 9:00 am

You can have all the frosé you want this summer, thank you very much.

We’re gonna go drink like Vikings.*

Highland Park just announced the Draken Harald Hårfagre Expedition America East Coast Tour 2018, a meeting of Viking nautical heritage and great single malts, hitting 14 harbors along the U.S. East Coast this summer and fall.

Highland Park Viking

The events take place aboard the 115-foot long Draken, the largest modern-built Viking ship in the world. This connection between the Scotch brand and the Norse seafarers isn’t random: Highland Park’s founder Magnus Eunson was a descendant of Vikings who settled on Orkney, a set of remote islands off north coast of Scotland, more than a century ago.

Highland Park Viking

As for honoring (and imbibing) this Viking spirit: guests on the Draken can take a guided deck tour, screen a documentary about the ship’s journey from Norway (a recreation of the sea voyage Vikings made more than a thousand years ago) and of course participate in a tasting — we’re guessing some sips from the new Viking Legends series will be in order.

Skol, as the Vikings would toast.

* Vikings actually preferred beer, mead and a bit of wine. A nice bit of history to ponder as you’re nosing your dram.