Food & Drink | December 15, 2016 9:00 am

Epic Global Foodie Adventure Seeks Hungry People

We call this around the world in 80 meals

The calories you consume on vacation aren’t “real” calories.

A little wishful post-truth science there.

Actual truth: the best way to learn about a foreign country is through its gastronomy, from five-star chefs to plucky street vendors (mmm, street meat).

Enter Sapore.

Just launched, the foodie-themed travel service promises to open your mind — and mouth — to exotic culinary adventures around the globe.

The company currently features trips to Sicily, Croatia, Peru, Vietnam, Mexico and Northern California. You can also plan a “custom journey” through the site and Sapore’s team will help you build a culinary itinerary. And coming soon to the list? The Yucatan, Myanmar, Northern Spain, the country of Georgia and a series of NYC-based chef and food photographer group tours.

The trips are 7-14 days and include flights, transfers, experiences (from cooking classes to wine tastings) and all meals. “The trips are fully customizable, so if clients want to spend more time in one region or focus specifically on certain grape varietals in Sicily, for example, this can be arranged,” says Sapore founder James Imbriani.

He adds: “These are high-end, luxury travel experiences — five-star hotels, private guides, private transfers — but we’re targeting clients who are adventurous and want to get off the beaten path to really experience what a country has to offer. They don’t mind driving two hours outside of Oaxaca on winding roads to a small village known for its mezcal production … but at the end of the day, they want to return to a nice hotel and maybe a spa treatment.”

Imbriani points out one example of what he says is the company’s “best of both worlds” approach: A trip to Central Mexico where you can spend an afternoon eating your way through some of the city’s markets before finishing the evening with a dinner at Pujol, one of Enrique Olvera’s fine-dining restaurants.

The food journeys also include side trips to lauded local producers (olive oil, wine, cheese, beer, spirits, etc.) where travelers can learn about the processes behind their products.

Your stomach will cherish these memories.