Get This Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet for Less Than $10

Lodge is having a super sale on Amazon

Get This Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet for Less Than $10
By Alex Lauer / December 13, 2018 9:00 am

I still remember my first cast-iron skillet, know why? Not because it was gifted to me by someone special (even though it was, thanks Kathleen!) and not because of any particularly transcendent meal I cooked with it. I still remember it because it’s in my kitchen right now in even better condition than the day I got it, thanks to years of seasoning.

If you’re finally ready to upgrade your scratched-to-hell non-stick pans, or are looking to help someone else upgrade (it makes a great Christmas gift for adult children or even that person who has everything), a bunch of top-notch Lodge cast-iron pans are on super sale on Amazon.

The best deal to be had is their 8-inch pre-seasoned skillet, currently 49% off at an unbeatable $9.90, and that includes free shipping! Not all of their cookware is on sale, unfortunately, but you can take 45% off the 9-inch skillet, 44% off the 10.25-inch, 20% off their lil’ baby 3.5-incher and 17% off the massive 15-inch pan straight out of a Tom and Jerry bit.

BUY IT HERE: $9.90


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