Culture | June 9, 2015 9:00 am

Like a FitBit for Your Brain Waves

Know thyself, indeed

By The Editors

We’re surrounded by distractions. The Internet is 99% distraction (before you ask, yes, we’re the other 1%).

But if you can filter out the thing about Usain Bolt eating 100 Chicken McNuggets a day, Scooby Doo conspiracy theories, the footage of the bunny racing across the avalanche, which really is quite amazing, the —

Where were we?

Oh, right. Mindfulness. Focus. Tuning out the white noise.

Muse can help you with that.


Muse is a really intelligent headband that pairs with a smartphone app to measure and analyze your level of focused attention.

It reads brain-wave activity the way a heart monitor takes your pulse and then compares the stats to a baseline report (full breakdown on how it works here).

Muse will guide you through a mindfulness exercise to get started and then evaluate your progress once a day (takes three minutes).

Over time, it will help you focus more deeply — at your desk, at your dinner table, everywhere else — as well as boost your mood and lower anxiety.

All that with a daily obligation of just a couple minutes.

A new and improved app was just released for Apple iOS, with Android on the way.

Order one now. Expect big changes.

And until then, we do recommend the bunny video.

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