Chicago | December 5, 2017 9:00 am

The Taylor Stitch Pop-Up Is Your One-Stop Menswear Shop This Season

Leather racing jackets, denim and layers, layers, layers

If you live in Chicago, you know that layering is not just for style’s sake — it’s a necessity.

Here to help: S.F. menswear label Taylor Stitch, operators of a (very limited-time) pop-up shop at the Virgin Hotels Chicago that ends this Saturday, December 9th.

From leather racing jackets to jeans loomed in legendary mills to layering options for more occasions than you can count, they know how to dress for inclement weather.

If it wasn’t clear already, we’re big fans of Taylor Stitch, who previously swung through Chicago to work with Heritage Bicycles on a collaborative two-wheel steed.

The outpost uses a crowdfunding platform called Workshop that lets customers choose which items go into production, and they always source top-shelf materials to make sure their jackets, jeans and sweaters will get you through the season — and many to come.

Below: five of our favorite items from their collection — though we recommend heading over in person for the full experience.

Seca Jacket in Espresso
Handcrafted by the jacket geniuses at Golden Bear and named for the Laguna Seca Raceway, this full-grain steerhide looker is a bold take on the essential driver’s jacket, retooled in a fast, modern silhouette. Cue decades of compliments.


The Democratic Jean in Cone Mills ’68 Selvage
If you’ve never really found a mythical “favorite pair of jeans,” look no further, the quest is complete. TS collabed with Cone Mills (the soon-to-be-closing last selvage denim factory in America) to turn back the clock and looms to 1968, creating a raw American jean number that oozes honesty and durability.


Albion Shirt Jacket Army
This guy’s primed to tackle wind and water as well as any puffer … without making you look like an astronaut. Gratuitous pocketry, fleece lining to keep those bones warm, custom metal snaps and an inside collar stand that lends a subtle sense of formality to the look.


The Crew 
Did we say layers? Every gent and his cousin could use one of these. A ribbed cotton crewneck perfect for throwing back a few over a game of darts, heading out to grab some groceries, sleeping on a plane, or watching the Bears, er, do their best.


The Yosemite Shirt
A work in progress, in the best way possible. As each summer draws to a close, TS resources high-grade chamois to revise and improve the Yosemite Shirt. A soft-but-tough, roll-up-the-sleeves flannel, it’s ready for the backcountry or your commute.