Chicago | October 10, 2014 9:00 am

Mountain Man

By The Editors

In the fall, Milwaukee is blissful. No crowds. It’s the perfect time to visit (just before the holidays kick in). Here’s your plan:


Housed in the old Pabst Brewing compound, Brewhouse Inn & Suites offers four-star comforts with a little residual brewery grit. Repurposed brewhouse remnants. Tall ceilings. And 90 primo guestrooms spread across six floors. Kick your feet up next door at Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub for a taste of the good stuff.


Ray’s MTB is basically a mountain biker’s paradise: an indoor bike park with enough trails, drops and skinnies to please any snowed-in rider during the winter months. The recent remodel brings in a brand new network of trails and challenging cross-country loos, alongside added spectator lounges so your buddies can watch you do your best Danny Macaskill impersonation. Don’t biff.


Wolf Peach. You’re here for dinner, for two reasons: 1) one of the finest cocktail programs in Milwaukee and 2) the food is meant for sharing among small groups. We advise checking out the milk-braised pork belly. And hey, they serve a monster plate of smoked bone marrow, if that’s your thing (it’s your thing).