Chicago | September 23, 2015 9:00 am

The Comfiest Shirt You’ll Ever Wear

Kit & Ace’s technical garb is our new favorite thing

By The Editors

The T-shirt has a T-shirt problem.

Bad fits. Weak seams. Shrinkage issues.

Apparently there’s something complicated about doing simple right.

Unless you’re these guys: Kit & Ace, makers of elevated, all-seasons-friendly casualwear, opening today in the West Loop.

These tees are for Sundays, Mondays and every day in between.

But don’t mistake simplicity for simplistic.

The threads: “technical cashmere,” Kit & Ace’s proprietary hi-tech fabric that takes all the best qualities of cashmere and rolls them into garments crafted for movement and comfort.

Incredibly soft to the touch. Elastic but tailored. Lightweight and machine-washable.

You’ll wanna hit their new brick-and-mortar for all the comfies a man needs in his bureau: snap-button cardigans, jaunty polo shirts and tailored joggers — because joggers have a joggers problem, too.

Something about how no one makes ‘em like these guys.