Chicago | November 6, 2014 9:00 am

Never Flub a Meeting Again

Charlie: He gives you intel on whom you’re meeting

By The Editors

Fortune favors the prepared mind.

True for Louis Pasteur, true for you.

So when it comes to preparing for business meetings, may we suggest Charlie, a web app that briefs you on whom you’re meeting, just launched and available now.

Developed right here in Chicago, the service works like this: You sign in. Charlie reviews your calendar and, an hour before each meeting, sends a detailed yet digestible summary on the attendees.

Simple. Easy. Highly effective.

You only get the important stuff: job title, relevant news articles, an overview of their social media accounts, common connections and even shared passions.

Take a look at a sample report.

You can even request intel on anyone who’s not in your calendar by simply providing their email.

If you dig Charlie, we also suggest Rapportive.

Nifty little browser extension that tells you everything about your contacts right inside your email client.

Now go. Go meet people.