Art | July 28, 2016 5:00 am

Cave Diving in The Yucatan Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Mexico, in particular the Yucatan Peninsula that curls up into the Gulf, is pockmarked with underground caverns filled with water called cenotes that are an easy point of access for flooded caves. As result, it has become a favored destination for divers looking to change things up. Diver Christoffer Brenna and filmmaker Jonas Pedersen trekked to El Toh to showcase the otherworldly beauty found just beneath the surface. Pedersen used a remarkable technological innovation for his filming. Shot on a Sony a7S, Pedersen turned his camera’s light sensitivity–otherwise known as ISO–as high as 50,000 (a normal low-light situation typically require about 1600). The video below lets us peek into this underground world filled with celestial delights… and we get to see it through cameras that provide a view previously impossible for human eyes to attain.