Architecture & Real Estate | June 15, 2016 5:00 am

Waves Make These Stairs Into A Musical Instrument

'Sea Organ' in Zadar, Croatia, is a wave-powered instrument

(Davor Lovincic)

Architect Nikola Basic created a set of stairs that leads into to the sea and actually makes music. After much of Zadar, Croatia, was destroyed during World War II, the coastal city rebuilt itself but lost a lot of its Old World charm in the process. Basic was hired to bring some life back to the seafront and did so with his design called “Morske Orgulje,” or Sea Organ. Underneath the steps are 35 chambers that make a tune as waves push the air through them. The resultant sounds are beautiful and different every single time. Listen to the sounds by clicking the orange button below.

Learn more about Sea Organ and the seafront in Zadar by watching the video below.