Advice | October 1, 2014 9:00 am

Letter from the Editor

By The Editors

Hey. It’s October.

Sweater season’s coming; though this year, in many places, it’s fashionably late.

Regardless, I’m excited about our Fall Style Issue, which drops on October 8th.

The coverage is helmed by our talented and handsome NY Editor and Style Director, Danny Agnew.

Danny, what’s going to be inside?

“We’ve got the eight key items you’re going to need this season, from rugged boots to woolly jackets — all styled in complete looks to keep you dapper from tip to tail till spring. We shot on location at Brooklyn’s charmingly rough-hewn Urban Cowboy B&B with our friend Neave Bozorgi behind the lens and the pretty faces of Isabella Farrell and Joy Corrigan in front of it. We think you’ll like that part.”

Good stuff.


Another thing about Mr. Agnew: he’ll be stepping into the boxing ring this November to raise money for cancer research (just like your humble executive editor did last year). Danny again:

“Cancer’s personal to me because my brother, mom and dad have all had it. Would really prefer if it were cured before it got around to me — figure getting punched in the face is the least I can do. Honestly though, it’s a terrible thing that affects all of us, and the people who deal with it are so brave. I’m proud to help. Again, by getting punched in the face.”

Please, consider donating to his cause.

And worry not, D: broken noses add character, promise. 

Below, some of my favorites from our recent coverage. 

Go easy,

Steve Bryant
Executive Editor

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