Essential Travel App ‘Service’ Brokers Cheaper Hotel Rates on Your Behalf
By Tanner Garrity / February 1, 2018 9:00 am

Everyone’s got that friend that books a flight or hotel room two days before the trip.

By the grace of some cruel higher power, he always seems to end up spending less. (And always finds time to remind you of that fact on the trip.)

Introducing LA tech startup Service, an app dedicated to helping you join the rate-happy ranks of your procrastination-prone friends, without all the hassle of booking a night before you leave.

So, how does it work? Service utilizes a bot that scans your inbox for previous flight or hotel room bookings and automatically re-books whenever there’s a price drop. It’s been comping delayed and canceled flights for a little while now, and lucky for us, has just decided to move into the hotel game. Think all the reduced-price convenience of Hotel Tonight, without the forced spontaneity. And without lifting a finger. 

Of course, Service needs to make coin in all this somehow, so they’ll be taking 30% commission of the money that’s returned to your wallet … although there is an annual subscription option that allows travelers to keep 100% of Service’s helpful re-books.

Time to get booking. Service’ll handle the rest.