Advice | December 9, 2016 9:00 am

You’ll Never Guess Which State Has the Worst Road Rage Problem

Think small

Hawaii, the Aloha State.

A tropical paradise for newlyweds, veteran surfers, SPAM lovers and … angry drivers?

According to an analysis of 65,000 Instagram posts that used #RoadRage as a hashtag, the lanes of Hawaii’s roads are filled with more road rage than anywhere else in the country even though it has the fewest amount of driveable miles (9,662) of any of the 50 states.

Justin Loera, the Texas-based insurance market analyst who did the research, says that per 100,000 drivers in Hawaii, there were 5,872 posters who declared their rage using the hashtag.

While he acknowledges a lack of highways combined with a glut of year-round tourists may be to blame for the situation, Loera told OZY that’s still “an exceptional prevalence of road rage.” (For perspective, the analysis found runner-up California had 3,506 #RR posts per 100,000 drivers.)

While no one’s saying to cross Hawaii off your vacation map — especially if you can get a good deal  — it just might make sense to pack a wooden Louisville Slugger next to your grass skirt.