It’s Southwest’s 46th B-Day, So Here Are Some $46 Flights

Warren Buffett has famously said that the only thing he doesn’t skimp on is air travel.

Easy to say when you’re the Sage of Omaha. For the rest of us, a great deal is often too hard to pass up.

And Southwest, which already offers pretty reasonable fares, is now celebrating its 46th year in flight with fares as low as $45.

Consider us on board. Granted, most of the lower-fare flights aren’t exactly blockbuster routes (St. Louis to Wichita, e.g.), but Portland to Los Angeles for $92 is a steal. Also included: Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba (Trump’s wishes notwithstanding).

Obviously there’s a catch: unlike normal Southwest deal where you can exchange flights, these flights are nonrefundable and there are blackout dates. The sale goes through the stroke of midnight on June 15th (in your timezone). 

As they say in Texas: Giddy up.