The front page of the
new Bond In Numbers, interactive guide. (Betway Casino)
The front page of the new Bond In Numbers, interactive guide. (Betway Casino)

When it comes to James Bond, the numbers nearly everyone associates with the super spy are pretty obvious: 007.

But if you want to examine the 24 Bond films with a Q-like level of intensity and precision, there are plenty of other figures relevant to the franchise’s legacy.

For example, Bond has only used the iconic phrase “shaken, not stirred” a dozen times throughout the 24 installments of the film. (Daniel Craig’s version famously upended the line in Casino Royale by answering a bartender’s question about how he takes his martini with a dismissive “Do I look like I give a damn?”). This total is fewer than half the number of times 007 uses another one of his signature lines, “Bond, James Bond” (25).

While that may call into question to what degree Bond actually enjoys his staple vodka martini, it’s a deadly fun factoid regardless and is emblematic of the sort that is available at Bond In Numbers, a new interactive infographic that breaks down significant digits for all the films in the Bond franchise.

The front page of the new Bond In Numbers, interactive guide. (Betway Casino)

Featuring information for each one of the films such as the number of casinos visited, units of alcohol consumed using the UK’s measurement system (he is British after all), and amount of profit made, Bond in Numbers is full of findings that paint—by numbers—007 in a new and interesting light.

Let’s examine five of ’em.

1. Daniel Craig is the Booziest Bond

Daniel Craig enjoying a drink as Bond in “Casino Royale.” (Eon Productions)

Craig puts down 26 units of alcohol in Casino Royale and averages 21.25 units consumed per film throughout his four appearances as Bond. Of the 302 total units of alcohol consumed across the films, champagne is the most popular (appears in 21 films). On average, Bond takes a sip or slugs a drink every 10 minutes and 53 seconds.

2. Pierce Brosnan Is the Deadliest Bond

Irish actor Pierce Brosnan poses in the hatch of a Russian tank holding a Kalashnikov automatic rifle, in a still for the 1995 James Bond film “GoldenEye.” (Photo by Keith Hamshere/Getty Images)

With 47 villains killed, GoldenEye is the deadliest 007 film. Out of the 405 confirmed kills across the 24 films, Brosnan’s personal death toll of 135 is the highest among Bond actors. Though he has appeared in seven of the films, fictional character Ernst Stavro Blofeld (played most recently by Christoph Waltz in Spectre) has yet to be killed. Also, 16 women have been killed after becoming romantically-involved with Bond throughout the franchise.

3. Roger Moore Is the Gadget Man

Actor Roger Moore on the set of “Moonraker”. (Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

In Moonraker, Roger Moore uses 11 of the 156 total gadgets that are used throughout the Bond franchise. The most popular is a modified wristwatch that appears in various different versions throughout the series. Though only four guns are used in Moonraker, 72 make appearances overall, with the most popular being the Walther PPK pistol (22 films).

4. Sean Connery and Roger Moore Love Liaisons

Actor Roger Moore on the set of the 1983 James Bond movie “Octopussy.” (Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

With four liaisons each in You Only Live Twice and A View To A Kill, Sean Connery and Roger Moore are the most prolific lovers in the history of Bond. Overall, actors playing Bond have enjoyed 58 romantic encounters. Actress Maud Adams was involved in two of them as the main Bond girl in The Man With The Golden Gun and then as the Octopussy. She also appeared as an extra in A View to Kill.

5. Aston Martin is Bond’s Ride of Choice

An Aston Martin DB10, produced exclusively for the most recent James Bond film “Spectre,” and a James Bond costume are displayed at the London Film Museum. (Photo by Rob Stothard/Getty Images)

Though 46 cars in all have been used in the franchise, the most popular by far is the Aston Martin (12 films). Five different Aston Martin models have appeared in 007 films since Goldfinger in 1964, with the bespoke DB10 created for Spectre being the fastest on its wheels. The most vehicle-heavy films are Diamonds Are Forever and Quantum of Solace, which feature four cars apiece.