This Man’s DIY Parking Solution? Unparalleled.

If you build it, parking will come

September 1, 2016 9:00 am

From waking up at ungodly hours to paying unconscionable fees to stabbing one another, Americans are prepared to go to irrational lengths to ensure they have a good place to park their cars.

Based on a YouTube clip, residents of the Indian state of Karnataka share similar sentiments.

A man named Vinod Kumar with a license plate that reads KA19 M007 (here’s a typical license plate from Karnataka) posted a video showing how he parks his compact red car. Under a set of stairs outside his home, Kumar has installed an oddly-shaped panel wall that opens up to reveal a mounted metal car rack that can be pulled out onto the sidewalk.

When he wants to stash his car, all Kumar has to do is open the doors, remove the rack, back up onto it and then slip the metal parking mount back into its secure storage spot.

Looks like we found your next DIY project, gents.

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