The Success Survey

So a friend of ours is in the oil business.

More money than the House of Saud, this guy.

He doesn’t buy cars. He doesn’t buy yachts. What he does, instead, is he eats at fancy, five-star restaurants and pays them an immodest sum of cash to serve him Miller High Life.

That’s success, he says. Money can buy happiness, and happiness comes in 12-ounce bottles.

So that’s one man’s opinion. What’s yours? Tell us in our first ever Success Survey.


Takes two minutes.

You tell us what it means to be successful in America today, we give you a chance to win a $100 AmEx gift card.

And then we’ll publish the (anonymized) results in a piece we’re calling The Secrets of Success.

After all, we live in a time of both plenitude and strife. Each of us has succeeded at work and at home, just as surely as we’ve all faced roadblocks and setbacks.

How have you succeeded? What’s your secret? Who’s helped you along the way?

And, most importantly, what does success even mean these days?

You tell us. Take the InsideHook Success Survey now.

Go easy,

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