The Fatherhood Survey

By The Editors
May 1, 2014 9:00 am


We’ve all got one.

Some of us are one.

Some of us plan to be one.

And you can argue — like we do, here at InsideHook — that fatherhood has never mattered more to America.

That’s why we’d like you to take our brief survey on fatherhood and manliness. Have a gander.

Takes two minutes. You tell us about your adventures in family stewardship, we give you the chance to win a $100 AmEx gift card.

And then we’ll publish the anonymized results in a piece we’re calling Fatherhood and the American Man.

After all, whether you have children or not, we live in an age where the idea of fatherhood has never been closer to the idea of being a man.

But we’re not like women, who have a mommy-industrial complex of magazines, books and websites at hand. Nor do we want to be. We don’t want to be told how to be The Best Possible Father.

No, we want to know how to be the best possible man.

And then, to teach our children what we’ve learned.

So please: take our survey on fatherhood and manliness.

We’ll reveal the results in a few weeks.

Until then,

Postscript: We didn’t forget about moms. Mother’s Day is coming May 12th, so check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide for ideas.

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