Letter from the Editor

March: In which we ate a lot of steak

By The Editors
March 6, 2015 9:00 am

Hey there, it’s Friday.

It’s been an exhausting week.

On Sunday, a day of deep, drifting snow, we threw The Great Steak Debate — a blind taste test of eight meat purveyors — at American Cut with Chef Marc Forgione.

Our friends at Audi parked a medium-rare red A3 outside. We drank some Highland Park whisky. Our sex and relationship columnist, Esther Perel, was in attendance. So were our friends Ben Leventhal of ResyKristen Miglore of Food52Nick Solares of EaterCyndi Ramirez of Taste the Style and Chris Schonberger of First We Feast. Everybody had a superlative time. The photos are here. We’ll release the results next week.

Speaking of Esther, she’s been answering reader questions on sharing spouses and what to do when your wife wants to have a threesome. Next week, she’ll answer an important question on pornography. Have a sex or relationship question? Send Esther a note at askesther@insidehook.com. By the way, she’ll be speaking on the TED main stage in Vancouver this month. Be sure to check out the stream.

What else?
In a few weeks, our intrepid style director, Mr. Danny Agnew, will fly out to Los Angeles to shoot our Spring Style Issue. Our friend Ricky Lesser will be behind the camera, and he’ll be shooting three very attractive lady models: Jessica VargasPaloma Mariella and Ms. Whitney Malchow (who you may have seen in our Fashion Week video, The Hell’s a Givenchy?).

Danny has a good eye for up-and-coming talent. For proof, look no further than last year’s Spring Style Issue cover girl, Ms. Charlotte McKinney, who you may have seen enjoying a Carl’s Jr. burger during the Super Bowl.

A little housekeeping
If you’re new around here, know that InsideHook publishes four city editions (New York, LA, SF, Chicago) and an edition that covers the continental U.S. and beyond. You can manage your editions right here.

And now, below, a few of our recent features which, if you’ll forgive me saying so, are pretty great.

Go Easy,

Executive Editor

How Much Sex Is Enough?
A few weeks ago, we asked you to take our 2nd Annual Sex Survey. We wanted to know: What’s normal for a man these days? What’s not? How much sex are American men having? Thousands answered and now we’re proud to deliver the results.

8 Winter Drinks Every Man Should, Uh, Drink
Now is the winter of our discontent. Seriously. It’s colder than a hair on a polar bear’s ass. This calls for a drink. For warmth. For spirit. This calls for the InsideHook Cocktail Quarterly, Vol. VII: Winter Drinks.

How to Talk to Models
In observance of Fashion Week, your intrepid editors set out to settle how to pronounce the designer label names that models seem to hold so dear. Hence this video: “The Hell’s a Givenchy?”, a handy guide to talking to models.

Re: Threesomes
In which critically acclaimed sex therapist Esther Perel answers your questions about sex and relationships and helps you and your partner have a more fulfilling life, together. This month’s topic: threesomes.

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