Letter from the Editor

In which we talk about getting the hell outta dodge

By The Editors
August 7, 2015 9:00 am

Hi there. It’s Friday.

I am at a coffee shop in Logan Square, and things could be better.

I could be climbing mountains right now.

I’m just back from the chapped-lip land of Denver, where I had one of those moments:

Hiking towards the Falls in Staunton State Park, the landscape suddenly opens up, and there, floating in the distance, summer had finally arrived.

It was mesmerizing.

Then I freaked out.

Autumn looms. Have I done enough?

As we get into the clingy days of August, I encourage you to ask the same of yourself.

Last month, InsideHook published the latest in our Four Hour Rule series (for “destinations far away, but close to home”): a guide to Madison, Wisconsin. You might also want to check out our rental guide to Door County. Some excellent properties in there. Another fantastic option a gas tank away: Detroit.

If you like to drink as much as I do, maybe you’ll find some voyaging inspiration from our Cocktail Quarterly: it’s compiled with a cordial assist from some of America’s most iconic hotel bars.

Or, you know, book a stay at a Frank Lloyd Wright house or this sea fort turned luxury hotel.

If you’ve only just begun plotting your summer adventures, you’re in luck. Next week we’ll be publishing a last-minute travel guide, filled with some choice pointers on how to make the best of your dwindling summer days.

It’s never too late.

Speaking of which, this month our resident sexpert talked about loss of sexual interest in long-term relationships. Such a good read. If you’ve got a sex or relationship question, send Esther a note at askesther@insidehook.com. Oh, and if you haven’t seen her TED Talk on infidelity, I highly recommend it.

And lastly, I should mention we’re giving five lucky readers a $100 bar tab to any of the restaurants featured in last month’s Table Stakes, which was curated by our friends at the Infatuation. Enter here.

See you out there,

Michael Nolledo
Chicago Editor

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