Letter from the Editor

In which we wholeheartedly endorse baring some leg

By The Editors
April 3, 2015 9:00 am

Spring. Can you feel it? 

Warmth. Birds chirping. That bosom of sunshine that makes getting out of bed, if not enjoyable, then at least tolerable for lack of Mini Cooper-sized piles of snow. 

So take a minute, say a prayer, and may the deity of your choice (or forced, parochial school enculturation) bless now the early-rising joggers, the pre-work dog-walkers and the fellow commuters who can finally, mercifully drink their first overpriced iced coffee of the season. 

Here at the InsideHook offices — bounded on two sides by jackhammers and hard-hatted construction workers who hold freestyle rap battles during lunch (true) — we like to celebrate the almost-60s temps with our annual Spring Style Issue
Yes, we pray at the altar of shorts. 

This issue (our third) was edited, as always, by our Style Director, Mr. Daniel Agnew. 

Danny, tell us about it:

What was really exciting to me this spring was to see this mixture of the high and the low — e.g., you can dress that white suit up with a shirt and tie or you can throw a tank top underneath. Both work. You’ve got your standard T-shirt, but cut from a more elegant fabric like linen for some extra punch. You’ve got leather slippers that are working with both beach looks and suits. The lines between dressing up and dressing down are blurring a little bit, and in the best possible way.

I, for one, am all in favor of leather slippers at work.

And now, below, a few of our recent features which, if you’ll forgive me saying so, are pretty great.

Go Easy,

Executive Editor

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The (Very Shoppable) Spring Style Issue
We’ve come now to the promised land of spring. Have we not layered enough, long these many days? We have. And now we deserve to wear shorts. Let’s get you those shorts, and eight more must-have duds, with The InsideHook Spring Style Issue.

So Leo DiCaprio’s House Is for Rent
Leonardo DiCaprio lives every man’s dream. Namely that, one day, you’ll be able to wear a muskrat-sized goatee and a woeful top knot but still pull more ass than a vaudeville stage cane. Well you can’t have his ladies, but now you can rent his home.

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