Man with 200 Hours to Kill Builds Bionic Arm Out of Coffee Machine

Apparently, Keurigs can make more than coffee

August 11, 2016 9:00 am

Keurig machines are possibly the most dependable coffeemakers on the market.

But let’s be honest: they’re also every bit as boring.

But if you’ve got two hands, 200 hours to spare and are willing to sacrifice a K-cup or two, you can turn a bland machine into something a little more exciting: a full-blown bionic arm. 

All you gotta do is take notes from Evan Booth, a security researcher who likes to “build stuff out of other stuff.”

Under his YouTube handle Terminal Cornucopia, Booth posted a video of himself building a bionic arm out of a Keurig K350. He used adhesives, a 12-volt external power supply and nothing else.

Building the “Hedberg” arm took Booth just 199 hours, 56 minutes and 36 seconds even though he began the project with no plan, save for “a general idea of how things should be constructed.”

So, the next time your Keurig goes on the fritz, you know who to call to give you a helping hand.

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