Gentleman’s Handbook

Vol. VI: In which you travel like a man

By The Editors
January 13, 2015 9:00 am

Don’t mean to frighten you chum, but you need to book your summer travel.

As in right now. Posthaste. Anon.

At this very minute, ticket prices are climbing.

Hotel rooms are slipping away.

Pretty soon it’s just gonna be you, frowny faced, stuck in the middle seat, in steerage, eating stale peanuts.

That’s why we made this: The 67 Summer Travel Tips Every Man Should Know.

To be clear: you need to book your summer travel right now, and this guide shows you the best ways to do that.

Because January is when smart travelers lock their plans down.*

And so, inside:

How to find the cheap flights.

How to book award travel.

How to find that boutique hotel.

And a glossary of all the travel hacks and apps your iPhone-loving, double-thumbing heart could desire.

So get to reading.

We’ll see you out there.

*In truth, the smartest travelers book travel more than 300 days out. But fret not. There’s still time to get good deals.

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