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By The Editors
June 2, 2014 9:00 am

There’s this store in my hometown. 

An old boys’ store. Country club and courtroom swag. 

Blue suit coats with gold buttons, paisley neckwear and penny loafers. 

I’m talking ties with more girth than a double-wide. Blazers as commodious as Apple Bottoms jeans.

But this is what my dad likes. And come Father’s Day (June 15th), this is where I shop. Man knows what he likes. I get the man what he likes. It makes us both happy.

Tomorrow, we’ll publish our Father’s Day Gift Guide. Have a look. Find your dad a thing or two. And maybe take the advice my mother once gave me: don’t try to change him. Just get him something he’ll enjoy. 

He may also enjoy a gift from our Summer Grilling Guide.

Or, you may find something to do together in our guide to the sunny-and-shorts-weather season: 37 Things Every Man Must Do This Summer. 

We’ve got one for New York, one for Los Angeles, one for San Francisco, one for Chicago and one for the beautiful hinterlands between the coasts.

One last thing about dads: we’ll be publishing our Fatherhood survey results on June 10th. 

Over 6,500 men completed the survey, and here’s an early result: 37% of today’s fathers describe themselves as “a teacher” when raising their kids. But when asked to describe their father’s parenting style, 23% said he was “a disciplinarian,” and nine percent said “a tyrant.”

Tyrants vs. teachers. How things have changed. More info to come when we publish the full results.

Meanwhile, take a load off and enjoy our Summer Movie Cheat Sheet

Just saw Godzilla myself. Totally worth it.

Go easy,

Steve Bryant
Executive Editor

Postscript: We want to hear from you. Got a story to share about your dad? Your kids?Just wanna slap fives? Give us a shout at

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