A New Algorithm Recommends Clothes Based on Your Spotify History

Or, how to dress like a rockstar — scientifically

August 2, 2018 9:00 am

Musicians have been style icons since Mozart first pulled on a powdered wig.

And yet, as much as you want to dress like your favorite rockstar, actual results tend to vary.

Know what would help? An algorithm.

Introducing FITS, a data-based styling service that recommends clothes for you based on — yes — your Spotify history.

FITS is the latest initiative from native San Franciscan Julian Eison, who offered the city’s “only African American-owned and operated custom menswear business” when he opened Eison Triple Threads in 2016, according to the Chronicle. Fittingly, the atelier had a tech angle: in the early days, some of the customization was powered by Body Labs’ 3D imaging.

Though the tech evolved after Amazon acquired Body Labs, his Union Square shop has become a destination for devotees of his made-to-measure suiting. But don’t take our word for it — trust clients like Steph Curry and Damian Jones.

FITS, which launches this week, is very much an extension of the brand’s Silicon Valley-friendly ethos. How it works: you connect your Spotify account, enter some basic measurements and complete a lifestyle quiz, which covers everything from your occupation to your fabric preferences.

Is there a lot of A.P.C. in your closet? Do you mind wearing yellow? Would you wear herringbone or houndstooth? It is extensive.

Here’s the thing: even if it’s as simple as Eison’s algorithm putting us in plaid shirts and jeans thanks to a summer’s worth of Ryan Adams, it’s fine. It’s a curiosity, and new ideas never hurt.

And if it gets more people out of hoodies and into Eison’s store, even better.

We can’t survive on $50 SFO vests alone, people.

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