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By The Editors
April 8, 2015 9:00 am

Fatherhood. It’s confusing.

When your child was born, your hospital probably handed you a bill.

They definitely didn’t hand you a guidebook.

Enter Fatherly.

Think of Fatherly, which officially launches today, as your dad bible, no matter how old your progeny may be.

Informative, fun and smart. No dad shorts.

“It’s about men who want to be great fathers without turning into clichés,” says co-founder Michael Rothman.

Fatherly divides its articles by age groups.

So as you and your children grow, so will the site.

Each piece is vetted by experts/fathers in the fields of neurobiology, psychology and education. You’ll find advice from Harvard profs, the head writer of Sesame Street and the proud parent of a 17-year-old Nobel Prize winner.

Some initial articles we liked:

Most importantly, says Rothman, Fatherly is about this:

“More quality time with your kid and less time freaking out.”

No confusion there.

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