A Chatbot Will Help You Sue Equifax If Your Data Was Hacked

Don't sit idly by while others claim thousands

September 12, 2017 9:00 am

By now, you’ve seen the news about Equifax.

You know, the credit-monitoring company that pretty much just told 143 million U.S.-based customers, “Oops, your social security number, driver’s license number and address — and even the security questions/answers you use to verify your identity — have been compromised. And we forgot to tell you before we cashed out. #Sorrynotsorry.”

But now, you can make ‘em pay.

DoNotPay, a bot that helps you fight parking tickets, now offers a way to more easily sue Equifax for $15,000 in small claims court. Now available in New York and California, with other states coming soon, the bot helps you fill out the legal forms you need to get the lawsuit rolling (forms differ in each state).

Bad news? You’ll still have to show up in court a few weeks from now. Oh, and the bot was having issues when we checked — possibly due to overuse (143 million angry people’ll do that.)

Better options:

Pressure investors — their stock price is all they care about.

Don’t take Equifax at their word. Their make-up efforts, including a free year of their own credit monitoring service, have been lacking.

And call your congressperson — this should be a non-partisan issue politicians can all get behind. And states might do a better job fighting this, so pressure your state’s attorney general.

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