Never Pack a Bag Again

DUFL: A travel valet for your clothes

By The Editors
October 12, 2015 9:00 am

You need one less thing to think about when you travel.

Let’s start with packing.

Why not have someone else do it? And let’s have ’em store your clothes, ship them to you on the road and clean ‘em while they’re at it.

That’s the idea behind DUFL, just launched.

Imagine you’re a guy who travels for business 4-5 times a month. With DUFL, you literally never have to take a bag anywhere with you.

The service stores your suits and dress shirts and ships them to your destination in a hardshell roller. They’ll be waiting at your hotel when you arrive.

And when you check out, just leave ’em with the front desk. DUFL picks them up, cleans and stores them until your next trip.

Through the app, you pick and choose what items you want in your suitcase; DUFL inventories your wares every time they get your bag back.

Going three different places? They can send you three different bags.

The service works in the U.S. and pretty much anywhere in the world with similar customs laws (Singapore, Australia, the EU, etc.).

It’s only about ten bucks to store every month, and $99 to ship. Plus: each bag arrives with a small gift.

Improving the unpacking part as well.

Hint from the owners: Send your online purchases (say, a bunch of new dress shirts) straight to your DUFL address.

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