Your Next Uber Might Have a Mini Vending Machine

It's like when your driver has mints, but better

July 24, 2017 9:00 am

Nothing’s worse than being stuck in traffic famished, on your way to work and with no time to ask your driver to make a pitstop for a re-fuel. 

However,  one tech startup has started installing mobile shops in the back of Ubers and Lyfts, thereby totally erasing the above problem. 

This is how it works: once the goodie-filled display case from Cargo is installed, riders purchase items using an app. After a purchase is made, the driver pulls out the item and hands it over. In exchange for doing their part, drivers receive a 50-cent commission on each sale that’s made.

Cargo cases contain products like Advil, Altoids, 5-Hour Energy and USB cables as well as food items like chips, granola bars and gum (some of which are offered free of charge).

So why exactly would Cargo hand out free items? As CEO Jeff Cripe explained to TechCrunch, “the startup is working with brands looking for a new way to distribute new items and samples to an engaged audience” as well as collect demographic data about when purchases are made.

Already operating in New York, Boston and Chicago, Cargo wants to bring their mini vending machines to a ride-share near you. 

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