Best of June

By The Editors
June 28, 2013 9:00 am

First Class Camping
Romance in the great outdoors. That’s what Shelter Co.’s peddling. They’ll stock your chosen campsite with fully appointed luxury tents, on-site catering and yes — tent butlers. Ask about their private island. Check it out.

Unlimited Flights to LA
Startup commuter airline SurfAir, taking membership applications now, redefines round-trip to LA with a Netflix-like all-you-can-fly model. Skip the lines, the gouging and the family of six trying to wedge 200 lb of souvenirs into the overhead. Check it out.

The Best Upgrade for Your Bike
SF’s Helios handlebars, available now for preorder, Kickstarted their way into the world’s hearts and wallets last month with their sexy styling and hi-tech functionality — lights, turn-by-turn navigation signals and theft tracking. Check it out.

Oakland’s Go-To Men’s Shop
Newly-opened Elder & Pine is the perfect blend of vintage and new clothing, of camping accessories and streetwear. Neither trendy nor nostalgic, it’s simply the kind of place where a man can feel comfortable shopping. Check it out.

Your Guide to Kiteboarding
Captain John von Tesmar is more than a former model with an awesome name. He’s also your one-stop resource for kiteboard adventures in the Bay. He’s got something for every skill level. Check him out.

And from our Big Honkin’ Guides Department …

Summer Style Manual
Because there is a cure for the summertime blues, and that cure is called looking good, we proudly present our Summer Style Manual – your blueprint to looking cool even when the weather ain’t. Check it out.

37 Things
Your must-do, must-see, must-wear guide for the summer, with a few cocktail recipes, some hot new music and a race called Death thrown in for good measure. 
Check it out.

Man of the Month
He just debuted the fastest street legal electric bike in the world. Meet Mark Seeger of Mission Motorcycles, InsideHook’s Man of the Month for June. 
Check it out.

Win the Ultimate Formula 1® Miami Grand Prix Experience

Want the F1 experience of a lifetime? Here’s your chance to win tickets to see Turn 18 Grandstand, one of Ultimate Formula 1® Miami Grand Prix’s most premier grandstands!