Best of June

Sexed-up kitchens. Ab diving. Oysters. Let's review

By The Editors
June 26, 2015 9:00 am

10 Things That Belong in a Man’s Kitchen
The easiest way to a woman’s heart? You. In the kitchen. Hunched dutifully over a cutting board. Making her dinner. And here’s everything you need to make that kitchen super stylish. Check it out.

An App for Everything You Hate To Do
San Francisco is the testing ground for entrepreneurs doing their best to ensure we never have to fix a faucet — or wait for coffee, buy a grocery, send a package or do basically anything — ever again. A guide. Check it out.

Pappy Go Lucky
We’ve got the Golden Ticket: 750ml of Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 15-year. They make 7,000 cases a year. It goes on the secondary market for upwards of $500. You don’t want to know what we had to do to get it. Here’s how to win it.

Table Stakes: June
Finally, the oyster happy hour the city deserves. Plus: a super stylish bistro in the Tenderloin, the best pizza near the ballpark, a sexy space on an unsexy corner, and more of San Francisco’s best new restaurants. Check it out.

The 2015 Camping Guide
Glamping in Carmel, ab diving in Sonoma, backpacking from redwoods to ocean and kayaking through Mendocino: Here’s your summer, sorted. Plus, fresh-from-the-boat tips from Oru Kayaks. (Key: Don’t forget the water.) Check it out.

Built-to-Last, Looks-to-Kill Accessories
Sometimes you find a single, perfectly made accessory. Sometimes you find a whole bunch at once. Welcome Scout, and their made-in-S.F. line of leather pieces. Check it out.

Win the Ultimate Formula 1® Miami Grand Prix Experience

Want the F1 experience of a lifetime? Here’s your chance to win tickets to see Turn 18 Grandstand, one of Ultimate Formula 1® Miami Grand Prix’s most premier grandstands!