A Tour of LA’s Most Secret Menswear Compound

And everything you need for summer.

By The Editors
June 26, 2015 9:00 am

A Store So Secret We Couldn’t Take Pics
How do you age well? Ask Brad Pitt. Better yet, ask the man who dresses him. That man is Blaine Halvorson. He runs MadeWorn, a by-appointment-only menswear emporium in Fairfax-Melrose that — should you get in the door — will blow your mind. Check it out.

Camping This Summer? Get in Here.
There are woods out there, and they’re calling your name. And be you Bear Grylls or two badges short of a Webelo, we’ve got the woods for you. You’ll find them in our inaugural Summer Camping Issue. Check it out.

Pappy Go Lucky
We’ve got the Golden Ticket: 750ml of Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 15-year. They make 7,000 cases a year. It goes on the secondary market for upwards of $500. You don’t want to know what we had to do to get it. Here’s how to win it.

Romance in an Open-Air Garage
Time to refresh the date-night toolbox. Set Lotharian lasers to stun. Sharpen thy Cupidian arrows. Aka get a rez. At one of the five new restaurants in this month’s Table Stakes, all of which you should add to your pants-charming arsenal. Check it out.

You Haven’t Seen the Coast Like This
Slow ride. Take it easy. Foghat was talking cars. We’re talking airplanes. Vintage airplanes. That’s the mode-of-transport du jour at Blackstone Airways, a new airline chartering a restored 1957 Beech Super 18 from here to Napa. Check it out.

A Flintstonian Tomahawk Steak
All hail the chef who doesn’t oversalt his soup. If he practices restraint on that dish, you know he’ll devote similar attention to the main attraction. At The Arthur J, the new Manhattan Beach steakhouse from David LeFevre, that attraction is beef. Check it out.

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