Best of January

By The Editors
January 31, 2014 9:00 am

Dinner Plan Guide
Need dinner plans? We’ve collected 11 itineraries into one chops-lickingly good Dinner Plan Guidebook. Inside: plans for dining with your lady, chowing down with your friends and running the ol’ couples date across sprawling L.A. Check it out.

Phone cases are as dorky as bike helmets. Except the ingenious Push Dapperbox, a thin mobile phone case with a discreet storage compartment for your credit cards and cash, available for pre-order now. Check it out.

Bosco Boards
Most stand up paddleboards are not attractive things. They have all the grace of a buoyant coffee table. Unless you’re talking about Burbank’s own Bosco Boards, the sexiest SUP boards we’ve ever laid covetous eyes on. Check it out.

The Lodge Dinners
The Lodge Dinners is a supper series currently setting tables for their next sit-down. Set in the backyard of a 1952 ranch-style house in Venice, these intimate, 30-person gatherings feature a rotating cast of chefs. Check it out.

Vasquez Rocks
Let’s abandon the electronics, forgo the errands and skedaddle to Agua Dulce to rap with some rocks. Point your fastest whip toward Vasquez Rocks, a massive set of geological formations that rise across the 925-acre park. Check it out.

From our “It’s Business Time” Department:

A Valentine’s Day of Days
In which we provide you with three itineraries for an epic Valentine’s date. Where to go, what to eat and how to get there. And should you need gifts (hint: you need gifts), we selected some of our favorites in our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

The Gentleman’s Handbook, Vol. II
In which we reveal how to travel like a man, including: the carry-on to bring, the suit to wear, the tech you’ll need and, most importantly, how to court a woman in a Champions Sports Bar. Check it out.

Man of the Month
Some guys drink mezcal. Some guys make mezcal. This guy does both, and raises funds for sick children in the process. Meet Fausto Zapata, InsideHook’s Man of the Month for January. Check it out.

Win the Ultimate Formula 1® Miami Grand Prix Experience

Want the F1 experience of a lifetime? Here’s your chance to win tickets to see Turn 18 Grandstand, one of Ultimate Formula 1® Miami Grand Prix’s most premier grandstands!