Best of January

Pizza speakeasies and jetpacks. Let's review.

By The Editors
January 30, 2015 9:00 am

9 Reasons to Be Optimistic in 2015
2015 looks to have the makings of an all-timer for NYC, what with restaurants from the likes of Ralph Lauren popping up, solid gold saunas opening in Midtown, and maybe, just maybe, legal weed. Check it out.

Butlers. Butlers On Demand.
Just launched in NYC, Alfred proffers twice-weekly personal minions to take care of your basic life BS. Pay $99 a month, get an Alfred. Alfred gets a set of your keys and takes care of everything from laundry to shopping to tidying your abode. Check it out.

How to Blow $164,000
Bonus season has arrived, which means the lucky (or super intelligent and hardworking, whatever) among us are staring down the barrel of a surfeit of cash. Our guide to blowing it wisely. You know, on a jetpack. Check it out.

The Four Upstate Rentals You Need
The city, as they say down south, is colder than a witch’s tit. So we suggest you get out to more bucolic, fireplace-y environs (if, well, ok, just as cold) with this: our very brief guide to four of our favorite Airbnb haunts Upstate. Check it out.

Pizza Speakeasy. Now Freak Out.
Tucked behind a secret door in the back of Bowery tapas den Espoleta, SRO is the new “speakeasy pizzeria” from Forcella pizzaoilo Giulio Adriani. Charmingly Lilliputian dining room + chorizo and shishito pepper pie = perfect date. Check it out.

The #1 Place NY’ers Should Ski This Year
Winter, God bless it, means skiing. And if you’re gonna schuss, do it right – that is, with our guide to which mountain has the best snow, what gear to buy and the winter sports jargon you need to know to avoid ridicule. Check it out.

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